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KevEdit is a ZZT world editor that is much more powerful than the built in editor. A full color palette, a large backbuffer, default color mode, and a more efficient character picker are some of the features that make KevEdit a superior tool for ZZT editing.

Though it is currently in alpha stages of development, you are welcome to try out the DOS binaries or compile it yourself from the sources in CVS.

Recent news:
July 2, 2005 After a brief rest, KevEdit 0.5.1 is officially released. Many bugs have been exterminated, and DOSBox support is added to the Linux version.
December 5, 2002 Time passes. Oh, and KevEdit 0.5.0 is released! This is a big one. Besides the DOS version, there are also Win32 and Linux native versions. This is especially useful if KevEdit disagrees with your hardware in WinXP.
February 25, 2002 Has it been three months? Heh. The long-awaited 0.4.0 release is out! Go to the download page. Important changes: the new libzzt2 core, music testing, all creatures implemented, a parameter editor, etc. You'll like it :P
November 14, 2001 KevEdit 0.3.4 is out! More great features added, like the new gradient tool.
October 27, 2001 Lots of great new features in 0.3.3. You'll love it!
October 4, 2001 Has it really been a whole year since the last release? Oops :) 0.3.2, come and get it.
January 7, 2001 Wow, it's been a long time since the last KevEdit update. Sorry about that :) Well, you'll be pleased to know that I've merged all the changes I've made on my laptop into the CVS... so I've got that going... which is nice. Also, I updated the development page with some info on the future of KevEdit.
October 21, 2000 Changed my mind! KevEdit 0.3.1 is released. There were a lot of updates going into 0.4, and bitman thought we ought to do another release. Text entry mode is in, and there are yet more improvements in the ZZT-OOP editor.
October 16, 2000 KevEdit development is at a standstill right now. School has swallowed me whole. Anybody out there still care about this program? :) I imagine things should pick up again in a month or so. Maybe shorter if there's enough demand for parameter editors and the like.
August 29, 2000 I have a stomach ache and can't sleep. Also, I've updated the contact page with info on the mailing list, and added a warning for users of AOL
August 22, 2000 KevEdit 0.3 is released. New ZZT-OOP editor, more sidebar things are implemented. Hit the download page!
August 18, 2000 I've added a screenshot of the new ZZT-OOP editor. It will be included in 0.3, which will be released real soon now.
August 12, 2000 Version 0.2.1 is now available. More bugfixes.
August 7, 2000 Version 0.2 is now available. It's a whole lot better, but by no means a finished product.
June 15, 2000 KevEdit is ressurected here at sourceforge. Version 0.1 is available for download to aid in the 24AHoZZT compo mostly. Logo This page is hosted by SourceForge.